We offer a fairly wide array of services in the face and body art category which include the following:

  • Premium Face Painting
  • Henna / Black Earth Jagua Hand and Body Art
  • Glitter Tattoo's
  • Jewelry Tattoo's
  • Matte Finish Tattoo's
  • Airbrush Tattoo's
  • Spray Tans

Our premium face painting is very high quality using only professional non toxic professional paints made for the purpose of face painting. We use a sanitizing rinse as a brush cleaner so there is no risk of infection or transferring conditions. We do NOT apply face paint on any broken skin or possible infected area. Look through our slideshow on the home page to see our face paintings.

Our henna is purchased directly from India and of the highest quality. It is always fresh and we use ingredients that give the highest performance and color. All henna mixture include the following ingredients: Premium fresh henna, cajeput oil, lemon juice and water. Our henna's last about a week with the possibility to last up to 2 weeks depending on where it is put, how well it is taken care of. See our care instructions for details. We also offer Black Jagua tattoo's which are non toxic black temporary tattoo's that are made from a plant in the Amazon. This product has been used for over  1000 years and is completely safe unlike black henna which can cause scarring.

As with all our services we use only the highest quality cosmetic grade glitter. Our glitter tattoo's last approximately 7 days but can last up to 10, again with proper care.

Jewelry tattoo's are a new and coming service that is similar to the flash tattoo's. They use high quality, finely ground precious metal powders and look like real jewelry. These last 7 days to 2 weeks depending on where they are put and how well they are taken care of.  The stencils used are of the highest quality and detail.

Matte Finish tattoo's are the newest addition, these highly detailed gel tattoo's look like the real thing. As per the Jewelry tattoo's we use highly detailed and high quality stencils. These tattoo's again will last approximately 7 days but may last much longer with proper care.

Airbrush tattoo's are water proof which makes them great for the summer months when swimming is the highlight. They have the same 7 to 10 day endurance period as the henna, glitter and other tattoo's. The airbrush tattoo's are bright and colorful and can look like the real thing.

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