Face paint removal:

Use a mild soap like dove or ivory to remove the remnants of the face paint. I use a wipe to get the bulk of the paint off first.

close your eyes and wash gently with finger tips, do not scrub with an abrasive product. Repeat if necessary.

Henna aftercare:

for best results, keep it on for at least 4 hours or overnight. 12 hours is best. You can even seal your henna so it stays on all night using gauze and medical tape. If possible keep the sealed henna warm by using heating pads Or just under a blanket. In the morning you can take the paste off by scraping gently, you can use some vegetable oil to help take it off, tea tree oil will help the stain darken once the paste is off. Do not wash it with water and avoid soap whenever possible. Use gloves while doing dishes or shampooing and if that is not possible cover the henna with olive oil or vegetable oil when showering.

Keep the stain moisturized with natural lotions, you can also use 100% tea tree oil on the designs if you are not allergic.
Depending on the skin chemistry,the henna color may be light orange when you take the dried paste off, DON’T worry, the stain will darken in the next 48 hours, try to keep your hennaed area warm and away from water.
The stain will last about 4 days or up to 3 weeks, depending on how fast your skin regenerates, and how well you take care of it.

Do not exfoliate or use any product which exfoliates, such as scrubs or washcloths or shaving

Glitter Tattoos are FUN to Wear, and LOOK AWESOME.
They are water resistant, and with care can last 5 - 10 days.  Glitter Tattoos will hold up through regular bathing/showering provided there is no harsh scrubbing of the area.  Harsh or excessive rubbing/scrubbing will remove glitter prematurely. Just avoid the area while bathing and you can have a long lasting tattoo.
Glitter Tattoos will usually just wear away after about a week, but if you should need to remove, this can be done using lotion, oil or rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

Jewelry tattoo's, Matte tattoo's and airbrush tattoo's have the same basic care as the glitter tattoo's. I would completely avoid the area while bathing or washing with the the Jewelry and matte tattoo's, if you get soap on the area while bathing, just rinse lightly with water and avoid direct contact with hard streaming shower heads. Obviously on the airbrush tattoo's since they are water proof you don't need to avoid water as much.

Face Painting images


Jewelry and Matte Tattoo's

Glitter Tattoo's

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